Renewable Energy Development

Zetland Group’s experienced staff have worked as part of the planning & design teams responsible for the installation of over 500MW of renewable energy-generating capacity; noteworthy developments include:

● Ray Wind Farm, Northumberland: 16 turbines - Operational 2017 ● Bobbing Solar Farm: Won at Appeal - 70,000 panels - Operational 2016 ● Maerdy Wind Farm, Rhondda Cynon Taf: 8 turbines - Operational 2013 ● Edinbane Wind Farm, Isle of Skye: 18 turbines - Operational 2010 ● Kiln Pit Hill Wind Farm, Northumberland: 6 turbines - Operational 2009 ● Middlemoor Wind Farm, Northumberland: 18 turbines - Operational 2009

Low-carbon Energy Development

Zetland Group has delivered numerous stand-by generation and energy storage facilities; developments of note include:

● 2 Gensets delivering 6MW in Blackburn - Consented November 2017 ● 2 Gensets delivering 6MW in Bolton (Central) - Consented November 2017 ● 3 Gensets delivering 6MW in Cannock - Consented July 2017 ● 3 Gensets delivering 6MW in Bolton (North) - Operational (consented?) June 2017 ● 9 Gensets delivering 18MW in Rotherham - Consented October 2016 ● 8 Gensets delivering 16MW in Trafford - Consented October 2016 ● 2 Gensets delivering 8MW in Warrington - Consented September 2016

Conventional & Unconventional Mineral Development

Zetland Group has designed, consented and permitted the following well site developments:

● Arreton Well Site (Exploration & Appraisal), Isle of Wight - Submitted March 2020 ● Broadford Bridge Well Site (Extension of Time), Billingshurst, West Sussex - Submitted November 2019 ● Horse Hill Well Site (Production), Hookwood, Surrey - Consented September 2019 ● Loxley Well Site (Exploration & Appraisal), Dunsfold, Surrey - Submitted May 2019 ● Broadford Bridge Well Site (Extension of Time), Billingshurst, West Sussex - Consented September 2018 ● Horse Hill Well Site (Discharge of Appraisal Conditions), Hookwood, Surrey - Consented May 2018 ● Broadford Bridge Well Site (Extension of Time), Billingshurst, West Sussex - Consented September 2017

Emerging Renewable & Low-carbon Energy Development

● Zetland Group is bringing forward a 'proof-of-concept' gravitational energy storage development (or 'weight-drop' energy generation) on a prototype site in Greater Manchester. The scheme is currently at the EIA Screening stage and work is progressing on the final site and design in anticipation of a planning application submission.

● Zetland Group is assisting on a geothermal heat energy development in Cornwall and continues working alongside developers in selecting sites to accommodate compressed air energy storage infrastructure making use of vacant salt mines in the North-east of England.

Research & Development

In October of 2019 Zetland Group secured planning permission with Exeter University to commence geological exploration works of the Jurassic Strata 800m below ground level. Zetland Group then managed an innovative build process adopting reinforced matting (as an alternative to the more traditional crushed and compacted stone compound) to minimise the duration of the construction phase, reduce the scope for environmental disruption and facilitate site restoration.

Residential & Commercial Development

Zetland Group’s team of experienced and chartered town planners work with you to deliver planning consents for developments of any size and complexity. In addition to the preparation, submission and management of standard planning applications, we also act as advocate and planning witnesses at appeal, help to secure certificates of lawful development and willingly provide representation against enforcement.